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Pokémon Home 1.1.0 released, brings battle data

Pokémon Home 1.1.0 Details

Pokémon Home 1.1.0 brings a bunch of changes to the application, mostly focusing on battle data and trades. The patch is out now iOS and Android players, and has a bunch of new and improved features. Thought the patch notes are slim, there’s a surprising amount of depth. PvP-focused players will find a fair bit to like here.

Going into the main menu, those using Pokémon Home 1.1.0 will find a new Battle Data option. This new section takes all of your Nintendo account data from the games and piles it into one place. So if you want a handy tool to check your PvP skills, there you go.

The Pokémon Home 1.1.0 update also includes some fixes for issues with trading of some items. Wonder Box trading should be quicker for one thing. The limit of Room Trade groups has also been raised for at least some time. This will coincide with the ability for Trainers to trade stuff with friends that have been inactive. This will allow you to trade with friends that are further away or away from the game.

The developers did release some very cryptic patch notes, which can be seen below:

  • The Battle Data feature has been implemented.
  • The bug where the information for Gigantamax Alcremie would sometimes not be registered to the Pokédex has been fixed.
  • Other issues have been fixed.
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Pokémon Home 1.1.0 will likely be the next of many updates to the app. Being that it stores all of your data and Pokémon in a single location, it’s a handy tool. Nintendo has said that they are working on integration with Pokémon Go as well. No ETA on that though.

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