How to evolve and upgrade your shark in Maneater

How to upgrade your shark in Maneater

When you upgrade your shark in Maneater, there’s a lot of options. When you go to the grotto for upgrades, you will find that depending how far you are into the story, you might have a ton of choices for parts. Fighting your way through the food chain is hungry work. Being a shark in Maneater takes a lot out of you, so be sure to fill up that stomach at any chance you get. Eating plenty of prey helps you gain resources and health too, so keep it up.

When you do go to upgrade your shark in Maneater, you have many different options for parts to bolt on. Go through the Evolutions menu to scan through the various options. You can easily swap between parts that upgrade your speed, the power of your bite, or many other options. Getting a good amount of upgrades is key to getting over certain obstacles with better jumps. You also need good amounts of damage to overcome some tougher bosses. Getting the right mix of upgrades is key to this.

You can even bring out some strange combinations that make your entire playstyle swap around. If you want to be a poison, electric or fire shark, you can. And if you feel like a certain playstyle isn’t right for you, you can always swap parts and change it.

Check the screen below for an example of what a more upgraded shark could look like.

How to evolve and upgrade your shark in Maneater

After that, you will need to get some evolve options. To get these, you need to finish certain missions or challenges in each of the games area. You can get different evolutions for your jaws, fins, tail, body, and head. You can also get different evolutions for your three organ slots.

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All of the different options for when you evolve and upgrade your shark in Maneater are pretty varied. Unlocking these rewards, body parts and other upgrades will require playing the game pretty thoroughly all the way through. Players can unlock certain parts through completing missions. Some collectibles like the Evo caches are also a solid source for upgrades in the game.

Each area has different layouts for the rewards, so keep an eye on your map when hunting for hidden secrets. You also need to be sure to check your mission in the Log in the main menu. This screen has all of your information about quests, boss battles and the like. Completing these objectives will help you progress toward upgrades on your shark.

Once you have upgrades slotted in that you want, just hit the Confirm button to lock them in. Each upgrade costs a certain amount of resources, so it’s a good idea to get some resources stockpiled before heading to the grotto for upgrades.

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