Combat Basics in Godfall

Combat Basics in Godfall

The combat in Godfall is about getting into the deep crafting tree and offering unique weapon types and abilities for players to make use of. The game has a very complex gearing system, and as a result a unique way of managing combat. As players hack and slash their way through the game, they will notice tons of new weapons and resources being thrown at them.

There are five weapon types in the game at launch, and it looks like Counterplay Games has taken a fair bit of inspiration from the gearing system of games like Monster Hunter. As you play the game, you will unlock more powerful items. When crafting and doing upgrades in Godfall, you will need to do some farming. That means taking on various missions in the game. As you play through the story you will get some basic materials and gear, but the most powerful stuff comes through upgrades and farming for materials.

Here are the five weapon types:

  • Longswords – Second fastest weapon with wide range of attacks compared to Dual Blades. The Longsword will teleport towards foes with certain combos
  • Greatswords – A somewhat slower weapon with a little more power behind its slower attacks. They have the second longest direct range in the game. Can be used with a thrusting attack to close distance to enemies.
  • Warhammers – The slowest weapon that focuses on staggers and stuns to keep enemies pinned down. The Shield will be a great addition to fill in the slower strings with Shield bashes. Also has a built-in AoE to its swings and slams.
  • Polearms – Similar to the Longsword, the Polearm has an even longer range and similar attack speed. The Polearm even has a ranged attack use momentum to move the player around.
  • Dual Blades – Fastest weapon with the shortest range, even has a nice stagger effect. Dual Blade attacks draw enemies in with combos.

You can also swap between different weapon types as well. Players will also get a deployable shield that can be triggered by any weapon or Valorplate type. This means that the defensiveness of the shield is limited, and the attacks and versatile defensive shields can be weaved together.

Valorplates and special abilities

Each Valorplate has its own ability, and you need to charge it. You can gain unique traits that will boost your stats as long as the abilities are active. Valorplates are Godfall’s version of character classes. Each armor set is based on a Zodiac sign and come with their own playstyle, aesthetic, and characteristics. There are currently 12 Valorplate’s in Godfall:

  • Aegishorn
  • Armistice
  • Bullwark
  • Greyhawk
  • Hinterclaw
  • Illumina
  • Mesa
  • Mobius
  • Phoenix
  • Silvermane
  • Typhon
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Godfall Valorplates

How to charge your Archon Fury

The Archon Fury is key as well. Players will build up their charge for this powerful attack by gathering Aetherium orbs. These come from enemies and chests you find out in the world. You can find the Archon Fury bar located below the health bar. Once it’s full, you can trigger the full power of your Valorplate, unleashing a deadly attack string, or buffing your stats massively.

The Archon Fury will also massively buff your own damage being dealt, while reducing incoming damage for the duration.

How to breach enemies in Godfall

Breaching is a big part of the combat in this game. Look underneath the health bar of any enemy and you will see a second bar, this is the breach bar. After each strike, the breach bar will fill based on the Breach damage dealt by your weapon. Over time as this effect stacks up, an enemy can be stunned. Players can then take advantage of the vulnerable foe to deal a considerable amount of damage, possibly even a killing blow.

Every weapon in Godfall deals breach damage, and certain weapons with specific secondary elements also stack different status effects. All heavy strikes across all of the weapons deal increased breach damage as well, so increasing the impact of these stats on your gear can help with bosses.

You should also pay attention to mission objectives, as they can also sometimes request that you breach an enemy. If you do manage to breach their defenses, you will be granted extra rewards like powerful gear, or perhaps rare crafting materials.

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