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Grinding Gear Games announces end of Betrayal, 3.6 release date

Path of Exile Betrayal League
Path of Exile’s 3.6 expansion, Synthesis League, has been announced.

As part of the buildup to the announcement of the new League in Path of Exile this week, Grinding Gear Games has announced a few more details, both about the ongoing league and the upcoming one, on their site. The announcement is fairly light on information, but it did reveal a few noteworthy things.

For one thing, we know now the end date for Betrayal League, as well as the launch date for the next League with Path of Exile’s 3.6.0 update. Betrayal will end on Monday, March 4th at 1pm (PST), so you have two weeks to complete your challenges.  The future of Betrayal content, as well as the details of the new League, will drop on February 19th.

The 3.6.0 expansion will launch on the 8th of March (PST) on PC, and on the 11th of March (PST) on Xbox One. The PS4 release of POE is still being worked on, but no firm release date yet. The plan is to release that platform towards the end of March, although that’s obviously subject to change.

The other bit of vital information in this newest announcement concerns Supporter Packs. Supporter Packs are paid bundles players can purchase from GGG and be rewarded with special themed cosmetics. They also include Points used to purchase cosmetics or account features like Stash Tabs. The more expensive bundles also include physical items like shirts, but those can be swapped for more Points.

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The Betrayal Supporter Packs, titled Undertaker, Master Undertaker, Soulstealer and Master Soulstealer will be up for purchase until the 19th, at which time GGG will release a new set of Supporter Packs and this means that the Betrayal Supporter Packs will be pulled from sale forever. If you’re interested in picking them up, we’ve included trailers showing off the cosmetics down below.

What do you think the new League will entail? Let us know in the comments.

In the meantime while we wait to learn more, why not take a look at all the content and reworks that have been teased for Path of Exile 3.6 so far. GGG also released another Hideout teaser this week as well.

Source: POE Site

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