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Luigi’s Mansion games announced for 3DS and Switch

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Back in 2001, the GameCube got a the original Luigi’s Mansion, and it was a pretty big sleeper hit. The lesser-known Mario Bro sucking up ghosts with a modified vacuum cleaner was surprisingly fun, and now we’re getting another romp with that green coward that is Luigi. Nintendo has announced Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch during their recent Nintendo Direct livstream this past week.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, the original sequel to the first GameCube title which came out in 2013, is also getting a new release. Nintendo 3DS owners in Europe and North America will get a crack at the remake next month.

Both games will bring back the inventive settings and puzzle solving mechanics back for a new crop of fans. All while improving the experience in terms of visuals and gameplay appeal.

You can see both trailers for the new games down below. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming out sometime in 2019.

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