How to get a divorce in BitLife

How to get an arranged marriage in BitLife

The digital life sim that is BitLife has a ton of depth to its various gameplay loops. You could be a famous author, or even the King of England. There are almost no limits to what you can do. And CandyWriter, the developers, constantly add new stuff to do. You can get married as well, and that means you will also be able to get a divorce in BitLife. For things like the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife, you will need to do this. This isn’t as hard as in the real world, but it does take some work.

How to get a divorce in BitLife

To divorce someone in BitLife, you will first need to be married to an NPC. You will need to get a partner romantically via the Relationships menu, and then just get the relationship to the marriage stage. To do that, you need to start with friends or as lovers.

You can make friends throughout your digital life, and eventually, you can go on dates. You could ask a friend from work or school out, and then they may ask to become your dedicated monogamous partner. When that happens, they will be listed as such at the top of your Relationships menu. You can then ask them to marry you. Make sure to head to the Assets tab and go shopping for a wedding ring before proposing. These can be pretty pricey, so keep some cash on hand. You can do this via the jewelers listed in the Go Shopping section of the Assets tab.

When you get married, you might want a prenup. In short, prenups are a marriage agreement that ensures any money or property you own before marriage stays yours in the event of divorce. These are useful for protecting your money if you happen to have a lot of cash. Without this, your partner could take 50% of your worth during the separation.

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The next step is to actually get a divorce. You need to head back into the Relationships menu and choose the Divorce option within. You can do this manually, or it may happen automatically. If you anger your partner too much, they may divorce you. So depending on the path you need to take, you can either do it via a random event or your own choice.

After clicking the divorce option, your character will get a pop-up that confirms the divorce, and you can move on with your digital life.

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