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How to get and use Unique Weapon Badges in Phantasy Star Online 2

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Being an MMO with a ton of loot, Phantasy Star Online 2 is awash with weapons, armor, accessories and more for players to beef up with. And just like any MMO, there are some weapons and gear that are the best. Sadly for you power gamers, these aren’t easy to get. The rarest items in the game are obtained by trading in Unique Weapon Badges in Phantasy Star Online 2, along with other currencies, to a specific vendor. This is how you get some of the best class-specific items in the MMO.

The thing you need to know about these items is that they are extremely valuable. You can trade them in for some of the rarest and most powerful gear in the game. So in short, you want to get your hands on a few of these. But as a result, they’re not easy to come by.

There are a few main ways to get Unique Weapon Badges in Phantasy Star Online 2:

  • Seasonal Events can be a good source for these items, but the downside is that the game only hosts a few of these every so often. This means players won’t get too much good gear from the events by claiming too many of these tokens.
  • Mission passes are the other source of Unique Weapon Badges in Phantasy Star Online 2. The missions that reward these powerful awards are pretty rare, arguably even rarer than the Seasonal Events. Just complete your Mission Pass rewards and kind of hope.
  • There is also a small chance that Unique Weapon Badges in Phantasy Star Online 2 will drop from bosses and powerful enemies. The drop chance is so low that it’s unlikely you will ever see more than a couple with just farming enemy spawns. But if you’re not doing the quests with drop rate  boosts, don’t count on these drops.
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The most common way for players to get these is to farm the high-level Advanced Quests. These special endgame runs can have some very valuable rewards in them.  These also fall under Ultimate Quests, where rare global drops happen, like the Nemesis set. Any of the Rare enemies found in these missions can drop rare items.

Boosting Rare Drops

Applying Rare Drop Boosts and TRI Boosts through these items are helpful for getting Rare drops in PSO2. Premium Drinks will always give a small buff to Drop Rate, the free varieties have a chance to give these boosts. There is also an item that gives a 400% boost in the AC Shop. The XQ shop has another option that’s not premium, and gives a 250% boost.

The best way to get rare drops is to get part breaks on bosses and rare enemies. Always try to target any highlighted zone on such enemies. It seems that these enemies when broken have a boosted drop chance. The main body and destructible parts have separate drop tables for bosses, so you will have to do multiple runs to get everything.

Where to Exchange Memory and Badges

The unique weapons badge(s) exchange NPC in the Shopping Area on the second floor. Take the stairs up to the second level and look for the deep red booth. The NPC you’ll want to talk to is Nanon, the Badge & Memory exchange vendor. She’s hanging out in that booth and will take both your Badges and Memory in exchange for powerful gear.

Her shop often stocks items for each class, and you have a wide range of options in-store at any one time. If you want to see all the current offerings in the exchange shop, check here.

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