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The Epic Games Store free games of the week are Costume Quest 2 and Layers of Fear 2

Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store free games are a common thing, as Epic has been building the brand of their storefront by giving away dozens of titles. Every week or so we get a few new games to pick from, all for free. Epic has been slowly adding more games and features to the store over the last few months, but it has a long way to go. The storefront is still lacking a shopping cart after all this time. Epic has basically been lighting money on fire, but they have seen a pretty hefty return for their efforts. Game sales accounted for nearly 40% of the EGS revenue of $680 million in 2019. Fortnite microtransactions made up the bulk of the remainder.

Costume Quest 2 is up first for free this week. With a decidedly spookier tone and plenty of goofy fun, it’s a nice pick up for a relaxing time. The light mix of RPG elements and adventure gameplay makes for a fun and light-hearted experience, even if the stakes are saving the universe. Just to set up how weird this game is, the game puts you into the role of a child fighting back against an evil dentist, who can also manipulate time. It’s a very strange story that sounds like it would be right at home in a Double Fine game. It was in fact developed by that studio, so the shoe fits quite well.

Layers of Fear 2 comes from Bloober Team follows the former with an entirely unique and different experience. These two games could not be more different if they tried. This new game takes the path of the path of the original where you played a painter and turns it loose on another medium. This time you’re an actor stuck in rather horrifying rut. Being stuck on a seemingly haunted cruise ship in the golden era of trans-Atlantic travel is bad enough, but add in the zany mind-bending and you have quite the game. Bloober Team nailed the feel of the first game and over-the-top imagery, it’s very much the same this time around.

Next week will bring another batch of games to the store. And surprising literally no one, there’s going to be spooky stuff going on. With Halloween so near, things are really amping up in the scares department. The two free games will be Blair Witch and Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered. So go ahead and make sure to grab the games up this week, as they will go away to make room for the next batch coming in.

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