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CFC To Divest Fountain, LAWN Alliance Update, Ev0ke Moving [UPDATE] Mittens Declares Victory?

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A lot of news coming out of the galactic West today,  A jabber ping from GSF/CFC head TheMittani details both a coming CEO update, and plans to remove coalition forces from the region of Fountain.  It appears the idea of forming a super dense defensive pocket around Deklein is alive and well within the CFC.

Due to a bunch of pieces on the chessboard either moving of their own volition or having nervous breakdowns or abruptly mistaking themselves for checkers, I’m delaying the CEO Update until Mon/Tues as the variables settle out. Meanwhile our aggressive applications of boot-on-face to N3 continue.

Last time when Phoebe hit and we left D/Q/PB the foe claimed that we were leaving because of their unstoppable might. The SW CFC has already announced (as of yesterday) that we will be leaving Fountain, long before Fozziesov; the best and safest way to relocate our line pilots from a region is while our military arm is sitting on the face of the enemy.

As we rearrange the coalition, we will be EVEN MORE violent regarding the Delve purge, not less. We will show our commitment to our southern allies by flipping over tables and stomping around Delve and on N3’s face and keeping them in the fetal position hoping we’ll just go away while the beatings relentlessly continue. I don’t give a crap who ends up with Delve and the surrounding regions but by the time we’re done with this little content farm, it won’t be us, but it sure as hell won’t be N3.

~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all at 2015-04-12 17:58:35.477715 EVE ~~~

The second story out of the CFC is the alliance update from LAWN.  Who announced they will be deploying to the area surrounding Vale of the Silent, to assist CFC members in holding the area post Fozziesov.  It appears that a trend similar to the SOV musical chairs that occurred before Phoebe is already underway.  The posturing of this style by CFC against N3 will likely continue; it’s effectiveness depends on if the trend of CFC taking systems and moons and handing them to PIZZA and EON will continue.

Another interesting bit is the announcement that Forged of Fire will be merging into LAWN and deploying with them.  No news yet as to what the other major SOV alliance in Fountain, Fatal Ascension will do specifically.  All that’s known at this time is they will also be leaving Fountain.

This likely means a retraction of the CFC rental alliance Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere in order to make those systems available for the alliances moving to the area.  If such a change does occur, it will be interesting to see how xXDEATHXx and others in the area who aren’t on the best terms with CFC will react to having a greater concentration of force next door.

The full text of the update can be found here.

The response from N3 members has also bubbled to the surface.  A recent update from Ev0ke has detailed their plans to move to Querious to support N3 post Fozziesov.  We will likely see other moves away from the East in the coming weeks.  With Nulli Secunda likely to hold the line as long as possible against PL; this leaves the fate of N3 renters and other alliances in the area under question.  But with the ever-encroaching threat of groups like Afterlife. and the Meow Coalition, it seems likely that N3 will adopt a similar strategy of condensing into a defensible pocket of space.  With various groups having gone on the offensive against Nulli Secunda, Fraternity and Caladrius Alliance in Estoria and the surrounding area, it makes the outcome all but certain that they will all be moving to the Delve area.

The full text can be found below:

Hello dudes,

because of some incidents in EVE we have decieded to move to Querious

Why this step?

– In tenerifis we lived safe but with fuzzie-Sov we want to take a safer way and looking for a direct low-sec connection
– We expecting in future action in HED-GP but as well in Delve/querious and want to concentrate on our old virtues
– Fozzie-Sov changes requires some changes by us and we need a learning process with it
– We will support N3 wherever we can, participate on timers and doing our best
– Even if fights against INIT were fun the communication with some N3 members were laggy and sometimes very demotivating


– Please ask the correlated logistic chiefs
– Stragglers please ask before moving in teamspeak for current route
– income can be generated with PI, we still looking for other scources for income
– Important: Please move only needed PVP stuff to AS-V27. Corps should only move stuff they can move with a freighter, members only stuff they can evac with a carrier. The lowsec logistic point is known to all CEOs already. (Please keep in mind that the station is not ours, so you can lose plenty stuff if a standing reset is incomming!)

young FC?

– AresPK (STV) and Matze (DGP) will be part of GANG/FC-Team

Goals ?

– looking for action in Delve/Querious
– filling up memberbase and looking for new corps
– moar fun-roams, getting together entertainment on evenings
– boosting team spirit
– prepare for fozzie-sov changes

Please establish your combat readiness till 15th April 2015. We are starting first fleets at wednesday from new staging.

Happy weekend,
The Tank


[update] The Mittani has apparently published another update calling for victory in Delve by the CFC.

SQUAD BROKEN: NCdot is leaving Querious (and sov itself). Darkness SCSAAs are reinforced because some idiot thought building supercaps in Delve during the Fountain invasion was a great idea. Fraternity is disbanding. Nulli is evaccing from PL to a system called (you can’t make this up) 3-BADZ. Black Legion is resetting their N3 comrades because even they are fed up with them.

I broadcast yesterday that I was waiting on the CEO Update to see some of the above variable settle out, and it seems they’ve settled out into what may be the first coalition-level failure cascade in the history of Eve. We’ve seen it happen to alliances, but a whole coalition in the space of four days? God damn. ~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all at 2015-04-13 18:08:03.855819 EVE ~~~

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