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Where to find Paprika in New World

Where to find petrified wood in New World

There are many different items you can make and cook in New World. Amazon’s new game is all about crafting. One of the core elements in both cooking and alchemy is herbs in the game. There are more than a dozen different kinds of herbs in the game. This guide will cover how to find them all, with a focus on Paprika in New World.

Paprika is similar to the other herbs in New World, and they drop from the same sources. The drops are random though, so you need to put some time into finding multiple nodes.

Where to find Paprika in New World

You can gather Paprika in New World from Food Supply Carts around the map. You can also get it from the Small, Medium and Large Herb nodes found around the map. The resource nodes will be much easier to find in large numbers, though, and are a better use of your time.

Players can find Herb nodes in the following regions. You can also use the map below to see some of the spawn locations highlighted.

  • Ebonscale Reach – Northern part of Ebonscale Reach
  • Restless Shore – around the Depths POI
  • Cutlass Keys – along the small bodies of water in the east, around the Fort on the north side of the zone.
  • Windsward – all over the southern part of this region, particularly in the southeast.
  • Monarchs Bluffs – patches can be found outside the main town, as well as further south.

Where to find Herbs in New World

If you don’t want to waste all that time gathering. But if you’re trying to speed things up, we have a few ways to help. If you want a fast way to find any resource, use the New World map that the community has put together. If you want to know without having to fiddle with it, keep reading. If you’re hunting for Motes, we have a guide on that too. There’s also a guide for finding Petrified Wood if you’re having trouble there. If you’re having trouble carrying all this, try expanding your inventory space.

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The Large Herbs take about 15-20 minutes to respawn, although they may respawn in as little as 12 minutes according to some reports. You don’t need any skill to harvest from herb nodes, but you do need a harvesting tool. For most of the herbs, you can use any sickle that you have your hands on. Be sure to keep repairing and replacing your tools, as you will want to keep gathering resources.

Drops will vary based on location and skill level, with the higher-end materials being harder to find. Here are the T1 materials you will find from the Large Herb spots:

  • Basil (T1)
  • Cinnamon (T1)
  • Dill (T1)
  • Garlic (T1)
  • Ginger (T1)
  • Hyssop (T1)
  • Mint (T1)
  • Nutmeg (T1)
  • Oregano (T1)
  • Paprika (T1)
  • Parsley (T1)
  • Peppercorn (T1)
  • Rosemary (T1)
  • Saffron (T1)
  • Sage (T1)
  • Tarragon (T1)
  • Thyme (T1)

These herbs are T1 drops, meaning they are pretty easy to get in abundance. Just head around the regions of the map and see what you can find.

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