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How to Increase Your Inventory Space in New World

New World

New World is a very competitive and complex game. This new game is a huge world with many different zones within it. Within those zones are tons of hidden treasures to find and things to do. As you explore around the map and find the various points of interest, you can unlock a ton of different resources.

The trouble is, when gathering these items, you need something to carry it all in. As you level up and explore new zones, more and more items will be found. This all adds a very unique problem for RPG gamers, inventory management. Having to have a place to put all of your stuff is a big question for many video game players.

There are many different craftable and otherwise obtainable items that increase inventory space in New World. Inventory in this game is controlled by inventory encumbrance, or weight. The higher your weight limit, the more you can carry.

How to increase your inventory space in New World for newbies

There’s one quest you can do from level 12 to get a quick inventory upgrade. The quest “Between Innkeeps” can be found in the Windsward Inn, from the innkeep. You need to deliver a message to the Everfall town’s innkeeper. Fast travel back to Windsward to claim your reward.

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Completing this quest will give you a reward of the Worn Traveler’s Satchel, This item will increase your inventory space in New World by 12 units when equipped. That’s pretty good for new players, but certainly not the only item that does this.

Other bags that can be crafted include:

  • Course Leather Adventurer’s Bag: Crafted, 80-180
  • Rugged Leather Adventurer’s Bag: Crafted, 190-240
  • Gator Leather Bag: Quest Reward “Ebonscale Alligators,” 255
  • Layered Leather Adventurer’s Bag: Crafted, 105-305
  • Infused Leather Adventurer’s Bag: Crafted, 60-360

The other primary way to increase inventory space in New World is to go out and do quests. As you adventure around the map, you will increase your standing in a given inventory. Doing these tasks and increasing  territory standing will increase the storage space you have in towns and settlements.

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