How to equip perks in UFC 4 career mode

How to perform a clinch in UFC 4

With the career mode in the new entry, the UFC game franchise is taking the journey of becoming a pro fighter to new heights. The newly reworked career mode in the game joins many other changes to streamline the game. Players coming to UFC 4 from other games will notice the redone camera controls, as well as much more subtle grappling controls. The devs also improved clinch controls.

When you first create your fighter and start brawling, you’re only going to have access to a few perks. As you play, you will unlock new ones, and new slots, which will improve your potential. As you play through the tutorial, you will unlock parts of the Hub, including the Fighter Evolution screen. This is where you will go to unlock new perks, increase your base stats, and apply other changes.

At the bottom right of the Hub screen, there are three additional options you can select from. To access these options, press RS/R3 and select the icon on the left, which is Fighter Evolution.

From there, you can sort through the various perks you have in storage. Each perk has its own effects, make sure to look through each one and figure out which one works for you.

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Perks Available at the Beginning

1.Crafty – fighting style – Jiu-Jitsu

2.Marathoner –  Fighting style – Balanced

3.Crazy Legs –  Fighting style – Kickboxer

4. Grinder – Fighting style – Wrestler

5.Laser Focus – Fighting style – Boxer

The perks in UFC 4 are used as upgrades that you unlock as you play through the career mode. There are five perk slots in total, and more than a dozen individual perks. Each time you unlock a new perk, you may put it into the slot of your choice to get the effect. You have two slots unlocked by default, with three more that can also be used. One of those perks will be the first perk that your fighter acquired when you selected a fighter type. Here’s the perk slot unlock path:

  • 3rd Slot – Unlocked when you become a UFC fighter
  • 4th Slot – Unlocked when you become a ranked UFC fighter
  • 5th Slot – Unlocked when you become a UFC champion
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