How cooking in Weird West works

Weird West

Wild West being a very much shooter-focused game, there are a lot of guns you’re going to be messing around with. Devolver loves their weird games, so the title is pretty fitting too. Your adventures in the various wastes and deserts of the new setting shooting through various encounters are tons of fun. The dark fantasy tones and humor blended with western ideals is a great fusion. But sometimes, times are tough. Players may have to scavenge for ammo if they run out. They might also have to learn how to cook. To help with that, this guide comes to the rescue.

Being able to survive this dark fantasy isn’t easy. Like most modern RPGs, there’s also some crafting and cooking involved. The cooking in Weird West is pretty basic, but very important. You will find various items that can heal you such as food and bandages, but these can only carry you so far. You will need to rely on cooking in Weird West to get the best healing items in the game. If your main character dies in Weird West, you’re forced to reload your save, so it’s pretty punishing.

How to start cooking in Weird West

The cooking in this game is mostly useful for making healing items. You can heal around 5-10 HP from most of the basic uncooked food, but cooked dishes are much better. Cooked vegetables can offer around 5 to 10 HP, while meats like steak or roasted chicken can give 20 to 50 HP. This makes it so much better to slap down a campfire and cook when you have the chance. The west is a dangerous place, and you need to put the time into your prep or you’re not going to make it.

There are a few different types of consumables in Weird West.

  • Food found around can be eaten to gain a small amount of HP back per item consumed. Usually, this will heal around 5-10 HP.
  • Raw Food is your cooking items. These can’t be eaten raw, and must be cooked.
  • Water Barrels are another option. You can run other and drink from them to get a quick heal.
  • Bandages and other healing potions can also be found around the map.
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Guide to Cooking in Weird West

When you want to cook, you need to find or place a campfire. There is usually at least one campfire inside of each zone you enter. You can also set up camp on the World Map to get access to a campfire between travel points. If you’re traveling on the world map, you can mouse over an empty location and press the “C” key. Your party will head there and set up camp. The various maps will have beds sometimes, and you can interact with them to spend the next 8 in-game hours sleeping.

Other options for healing exist, and are much more versatile than food. Bandages heal 50 HP, and you can press the “X” key to heal yourself, or hold “E” when next to a companion to heal them.

You will also find Food items in containers, these can be eaten right away for a bit of healing. The first area in the game has food containers all over the place, be sure to grab any Raw Food you find in the various barrels and shelves around. Be sure to explore thoroughly in any zone you’re in for the various items hidden in barrels, shelves and other locations. Also, make sure to loot any corpses you may find, they can contain ammo and other useful items.

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