How to redeem Prime Gaming rewards for Pokémon Go

How to Get Flareon in Pokemon Go

Twitch Gaming has been a huge feature of the online gaming scene for some time now. As Amazon tries to encourage more users to pay for the monthly service, they continually bundle in new features and free stuff. Each month, a bunch of game items and cosmetics become common rewards for players that want them. Niantic has now jumped into the fray, offering their own addons for the feature that give gamers free stuff. As of now, Amazon Prime members can now receive bi-weekly Pokémon Go rewards. Here’s a guide on how to claim these free items.

How to redeem Prime Gaming rewards for Pokémon Go

The process is pretty simple, here’s what to do. Starting today, players who are also subscribed to Prime Gaming will be able to redeem their first bundle by visiting the Prime Gaming Pokémon Go website.

Head there and log into the Prime account that you have. You will be led to link up to the Pokémon Go Redemption website. After you hit the Claim Now icon, you’ll receive a code for the bundle. You must then link your Amazon account to the Pokémon Go account that you wish to use. You can use  Google, Facebook, or Niantic Kids to login here. Once you do that, you can claim the code and get the free items.

The first release will include 30 Poké Balls, five Max Revives, and a Star Piece. There are surely more bundles to follow. As of now, the next Prime Gaming bundle is set to drop in early June. That one will likely include mode balls, as well as other items.

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Niantic has also been trying to pump user numbers with various in-game and in-person events. Alolan Geodude Community Day and Pokémon Go Fest 2022 are the big ones so far.

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