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Pokémon Go Battle League Season 2 delayed to May 11

Pokemon Go Battle League

Niantic has bad news for Pokémon Go fans, the next batch of PvP content in the game has been delayed a bit. This means that the new season of the Pokémon Go Battle League will start a bit later than expected. Players can take part in one of now four different ranked tiers, each with their own CP requirements and roster restrictions. Players compete in PvP battles to rank up within each league, and every few weeks a new League tier kicks off. The first set of tiers now begins on May 11. Season 2 was originally slated for a May 1 launch, but has been pushed back 10 days.

The rewards haven’t changed as far as we know. So at each rank within the overall league, players have a chance of getting a rare spawn. The rewards start with Stunfisk at Rank 4, or Rufflet at rank 8 and above. The encounters remain randomized, so you may have to grind a bit to get the ones you want. There are also other rewards that remain unchanged in the now delayed league. Rank 6 Trainers can unlock new Charged TMS that power up a bit faster making PvP battles more interesting.

The Premier Cup is still on, but with the new start date players will have to wait a bit more to test their mettle against other elite Trainers. Players can compete in the Premier Cup when it begins with no CP cap and bring their best non-Legendary roster elements to battle. Mythics are also out in this mode. If you want to challenge the full range of the Pokémon Go roster, Master League is where it’s at.

The new schedule for the whole run of the league can be found below.

The patch that brings in the next PvP season will also adjust the following moves in-game:

  • Drill Run: Its energy requirement has been reduced.
  • Moonblast: Its energy requirement and damage have both been reduced, and it now has a chance to lower the opponent’s Attack stat.
  • Wild Charge: Its energy requirement has been reduced, its damage has been increased, and will now sharply lower the user’s Defense stat.
  • Palkia and Aqua Tail: Aqua Tail gives Palkia a powerful Water-type Charged Attack that charges quickly, helping Palkia stand out from the other Legendary Dragon types in the Master League and making Protect Shield decisions tougher for opponents.

The Pokémon Go Battle League Season 2 arrives on May 11 and Season 3 starts on July 13. Here is the new schedule:

  • The Great League: May 11 to June 1
  • The Ultra League: June 1 to June 22
  • The Master League and The Premier Cup: June 22 to July 6
  • Battle League Season 3 begins: July 13
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