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FutureGrind has found its way to release


The extreme sports stunt platformer known as FutureGrind has arrived on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4, so gamers who are interested are now able to combo their way into gaining lucrative sponsorship deals as they grind along. You can check out the game’s launch trailer here:

As you play, you will need to choose one of five two-wheeled bikes. From there you can successfully flip your way into action as you match your colored wheels to the rail layouts of more than thirty unique tracks spanning a range of different sci-fi worlds. Each successful run in the game’s story mode will help you learn more about its underlying plot, answering questions such as why you were brought into the pro circuit and if you can really trust your new employers. Of course, another important question is also ever present in your mind; Is it normal to see glitches in the real world?

FutureGrind blends tons of cyberpunk aesthetics to create a fairly unique experience. It’s also fairly standoffish when compared to the rest of the stunt-racing titles in that there’s a much heavier focus on narrative in this game. But make no mistake,  you’ll need all your wits about you if all the flips, spins, rail transitions and other tricks you do are to pay off in a victory, so don’t focus too hard one background noise and end up losing the race.

Milkbag Games has done everything that they can to offer up options that will make FutureGrind as accessible as possible, as colors play quite a large role in the game. Owen Goss, co-founder of Milkbag, stated, “FutureGrind has a color blind mode that lets you override the game’s default colors and pick the colors that work for you. We realized a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t work, so we’re putting the control in your hands so that as many people as possible can enjoy the game.”

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FutureGrind features dozens of hand-crafted tracks, a variety of bikes (each featuring a unique play style), instant restarts, a score attack mode, and a deep combo system that rewards true creativity so that simply using the same trick over and over won’t have the best payoff.

In addition to the game’s launch, the team has also shared the original soundtrack on Bandcamp.

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