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Bug Fixes coming to Lost Ark in the near future

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Lost Ark has been out in the West for nearly two weeks, and it has found a surprising amount of success. The push to bring the new Korean MMO to a new audience has done very well. Smilegate RPG is working hard to bring players up to speed on various things they’ve complained about. While the developer works on fixes, things are happening in the background. The developers have announced plans to address certain player complaints with future Lost Ark patches.

With a game that has earned as many players as Lost Ark, problems were bound to crop up. In fact, a previous patch already tried to deal with some of these problems. Folks complained about a lot of the issues. Royal Crystal purchases sometimes bugged out, as did certain cosmetic effects for characters. Some graphical issues were also patched in a previous update this past week. This gives us a clue to the things the devs are paying attention to.

  • Fixed an issue where Royal Crystal refunds can get stuck pending when using the currency Exchange.
  • Made improvements to store connection and Product Inventory issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Procyon’s compass schedule could show an incorrect time for Adventure Islands.
  • Fixed an issue where dyeing the Northern Lawmaker skin on any Warrior sub-class would prevent the skin from displaying properly.
  • Fixed an issue where emoticons would be displayed as text when two players with different language settings were chatting.
  • Fixed an issue with DX11 where the UI Scale becomes offset for after changing from native resolutions while in Full Screen.
  • Fixed an issue where players were getting booted from the game while playing in the Central Europe region.
  • Implemented the groundwork for a new region to host servers in Europe, called “Europe West.” While you will be able to see this region selection tab after the maintenance is complete, these servers will not be available to players immediately.

What about the spam?

Gold spam has been a problem in MMOs for some time, and Lost Ark is no different. The game had its problem with RMT spammers and scammers from day one here in the west. Players obviously complained about this from the get-go.

Some issues players have encountered also have to do with the in-game store. Lost Ark has a problem with people claiming to sell the in-game currency in various scams. The gold seller spam will be dealt with in future updates. Along with that, the messages and clarity for the actual in-game store is being improved. Players often claimed they were having issues figuring out why transactions weren’t finished. There will now be different error messages to allow players to understand why their transactions were declined.

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