How to fast travel in V Rising

V Rising

V Rising is the hit new game this week. Many players are likening it to other crafting-focused open-world games, like Valheim. But really, it’s so much more than just that kind of game, but with fangs. The crafting is a huge part of it still, and it’s tons of fun. And as with any self-respecting survival game, you’ll need to do a lot of farming for crafting materials so you can build up your base and keep it from decaying.

Since the game relies on an online connection, there’s a lot of need for players to avoid conflict. It would really suck to lose your progress and/or items to a death. If you are wondering if you can play V Rising Offline, the answer is no. Although V Rising currently provides a private game mode where players can play on a server by themselves, a Private game still requires an internet connection. So to keep track of what’s going on and build new facilities, you often have to return to base.

How to fast travel in V Rising

Since this is an open-world game, you will need to become more familiar with how to move around effectively. Being able to return to your base isn’t something you have right away, you need to build to it. You must reach a certain point in the game first. To build a Vampire Waygate, you must first kill Polora the Feywalker. That boss being taken out will unlock the item you need. Once you’ve done this, you can get your hands on the fast travel system. To fast travel in , you will need to use the green icons on the map, called Waygates.

How to build a Vampire Waygate in V Rising

You can place the portal, called the Vampire Waygate, inside your base. Vampire Waygate can be unlocked and built after a bit of progression in the game. You need a few rare items to get before you can assemble this item. You can open the Build menu by pressing the B key. Gather the listed materials below and then you can place the Waygate inside your base.

  • 100 Blood Essence: You can get Blood Essence by farming enemies or making it from hearts and other materials inside a Blood Press.
  • 20 Planks: You can make Planks in V Rising by chucking Wood Logs into a Sawmill.
  • 20 Copper Ingots: You can make Copper Ingots inside the Furnace using Copper Ore.
  • 10 Gem Dust: You can make Gem Dust by breaking down various gems or by mining Gem Nodes.

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