Solve the Defiled Temple moon puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot to do in its various quests and zones. The long-awaited Baldur’s Gate sequel has come out of early access this month, and PC gamers are foaming at the mouth for it. PC gaming has exploded, and gamers are having tons of fun, and for good reason. Folks really seem to like Baldur’s Gate 3. Aside from being one of the most expansive and intricate CRPGs ever made, it’s just a ton of fun to goof around with. There’s also a ton of enemies to fight.

One of the tougher locations is the Goblin Camp. The goblin tribe has taken roost in a ruined temple to Selune, a goddess in D&D. Selune is a pretty secretive god, so you need to be able to use your brain to unlock the depths of her secrets and power. And aside from the hoard of treasure that the goblins have in store,

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How to solve the Defiled Temple moon puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Goblin Camp is a very tough area, serving as the capstone event for Act 1 of the game. There are dozens of enemies here, and fighting your way through is going to be nearly impossible unless you pick and choose your targets. So, you need to be sneaky. One of the areas in which this is key is in the pursuit of Priestess Gut’s treasure. You need to kill her anyway to finish the quest (assuming you’re going for a friendly run with the Grove) so when you first enter the Goblin Camp, go right up to her and refuse her brand. Instead, ask her for help with your parasite affliction.

To actually reach the zone, you need to take out Priestess Gut and her bodyguard.

She will walk off to her room, which is where you can get her alone, and kill her. After that, loot her corpse and take the key. Once you’ve taken out the Priestess, head through the door in the northwest of Priestess Gut’s chambers, that will lead to her private bedroom. Polma, her personal bodyguard, awaits beyond. She will not allow you to loot her boss’s stuff, so you’ll have to take her down. Hope you brought a fresh party.

Selune Book Location

Finish the boss encounter, and look around, looting anything of value. Behind them, in the bedroom, check the cabinet to the right of the bed where you’ll find a Selunite Journal.

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When you read it, you’ll learn:

Thus the interlocking circles will bring the full moons to match the stars, while casting darkness where it belongs at the bottom. That chasm to the Underdark will stay sealed.

Outside of the bedroom, head down the passage to the east to find the Defiled Temple, its puzzle, and the entrance to the Underdark.

Selune Book

Defiled Temple moon puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3 Solution

On the floor of the Defiled Temple, you’ll see four spinning stone disks with 12 dots on them. The order of the dots needs to be rotated to be aligned with the layout in the Selunite Journal.

The starting location of the dots is important. You can easily rotate the discs so that all four blank spots are on the bottom disc, but here’s the optimal solution from the start.

To solve the puzzle, spin the disks in the following order:

  • Spin the south disk three times
  • Spin the west disk once
  • Spin the south disk once
  • Spin the north disk once
  • Spin the west disk three times
  • Spin the east disk twice

How to bypass the Defiled Temple moon puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you don’t want to bash your head against the puzzle, there’s another option. On the wall, past the stone discs, you will find a lever on the right-hand side. A solid Perception check will spot it. The lever is locked, though. Right-click on it and choose Lockpick. Success will require a DC 15 Sleight of Hand (Dexterity) check. Do that, and the pathway will open, bypassing the puzzle.

Once that’s done you can open the door to the Underdark below the Goblin Camp. This is not the only path to the Underdark in Act 1. There’s another path involving Feather Fall in the Whispering Depths. The Selunite Outpost is far easier to get to, so many players will choose that route.

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