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Rage 2 adds New Game+ in newest patch

Rage 2

Rage 2 is still chugging along across its technicolor and vomit-inducing (but in a good way) wasteland, offering a metric ton of shooter fun and so much more chaos. But some gamers who have finished the title may be left feeling like they want more. To that end, Bethesda has just dropped the second major update to the game, one that adds more difficulty via a New Game Plus mode.

New Game+ modes are a welcome addition for many gamers, and in shooters they have definitely grown in popularity. From Dark Souls and its true New Game+  system, to the prestige systems of Call of Duty, gamers love the increased difficulty and new gameplay elements the idea offers. Having a video game force you to vary your strategy helps keep a game fresh, and with Bethesda planning to release a small mountain of post-launch content for Rage 2, gamers will have a lot to sift through when playing this shooter.

The latest patch for the game also offers other changes too. There’s a new Nightmare difficulty mode, but if things are two difficult, there’s always the built-in cheat options, which the developer just expanded with two new modes. Dash Ragdoll allows the player to send enemies flying just by using their movement ability. And Super Knockback adds a similar effect to melee attacks.

There are other indirect gameplay additions, such as skippable Ark tutorials and a bunch of other quality of life improvements. We even got a flashlight addon to help see in the darkest corners of the wasteland.

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Bethesda also dropped a short trailer showing off some of the details of this latest update, check that out below.

Sadly, there is some bad news to be had when it comes to Rage 2 today. It’s just been announced that the first expansion to the game will be delayed by a bit. The expansion is supposed to bring a new story and missions, new world location, new enemy faction, and new weapon and ability. That has now been pushed to a September release, when it was supposed to drop this month.

The first expansion to Rage 2, Rise of the Ghosts, was revealed at E3 as the first of two story expansions for the game, and that was supposed to debut shortly after launch. The second expansion is still due in November though.

As we saw from the initial roadmap of post-launch content, Bethesda is still planning to squeeze plenty of action out of Rage 2. Although  they have shown willingness to remove some unwanted content, namely disliked DRM schemes like Denuvo.

Rage 2 is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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