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Bethesda confirms Fallout Legacy Collection, will feature all Fallout SP games, only available in UK & Germany


After a lot of backlash and controversy from Fallout 76 and its moldy helmets and crap bags, the Fallout franchise could use quite the positive PR boost. Fans really hated the latest Fallout game, as it completely lacked any of the story-driven meat that fans wanted to sink their teeth into.  Those same fans have been looking for more good games after the crapfest of Fallout 76, and it looks like there’s a very small chance they’ll get what they want in a way. Bethesda has been holding back it seems, as they seemingly work away on upcoming AAA titles like Elder Scrolls VI.

Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3 GOTY, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, and Fallout 4 GOTY will all be included in the collection, all for one low price. The idea of getting all the classic Fallout experiences in one handy bundle is something PC fans have wanted for years. The outdated older games have been increasingly harder to access as the years wore on. For example, Fallout 3 is no longer patched to work with new Operating Systems and hardware, meaning that unless modders update the game for compatibility, PC gamers are left out in the cold if they want to play.  And then there’s the difficulties of getting older titles in the franchise to work on modern platforms.

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But there’s a pretty major catch though. It turns out that the game will be region-locked to only two countries, with no confirmed plans to port the collection to other countries. The inclusion of all of the DLC for the later games is nice though, so that’s something. You can certainly bet modders will be hard at work trying to circumvent the region locking though, assuming it’s possible.

In a later tweet, Bethesda revealed that the entire collection would be locked to just releasing in UK and Germany. The Fallout Legacy Collection comes out on October 25th.

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