When does electricity shut off in Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, much like in real-world disasters, things go wrong. The zombies can bite you, slowly killing you. You could end up getting burned alive in a fire while you’re sleeping. There are just a lot of threats out there. Players have to keep their heads on a swivel to stay alive. The zombies aren’t the only problem either. At some point, water and electricity shut off in Project Zomboid and that can spell doom for an unprepared survivor. You have to be ready.

When does electricity shut off in Project Zomboid?

The event of water and electricity shut off in Project Zomboid occurs depending on how you set it in the game’s settings. When you first make your game, you can choose when various events happen. By default, it would seem that for most players, both water and electricity always shut off at day 14.

Because of this, perishables such as raw/cooked meat or fruit and vegetables will eventually rot and spoil. This means that your first priority when building a base is to get a reliable source of food and water going. But there’s a way around all of this.

By creating a new game and selecting Custom Sandbox, you can tweak anything about the world. Head over to World Options when you get to the game settings screen, you can see two options. Water Shutoff and Electricity Shutoff are right at the top of the sandbox options. You will see that you can set a range of time for this event to happen. The base range is 0-30 days, but it can be set as long as 5 years in the dropdowns. So if you want a much easier gameplay experience, you could change this setting from the default.

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Can you get water and power back?

Generators and rain barrels connected to a sink is the closest thing to having these amenities back you will get. Rain Collectors are very useful here. The basic version requires Carpentry 4 to make. This rain collector barrel holds 80 units of water. The upgraded variant uses the same materials, but holds 200 units of water. This better one needs a character with Carpentry 7 to make.

you manage to get a Generator up and running as well, you are in pretty good shape. This can help power tools and a fridge, which can help a lot with food spoilage of fresh fruit and veggies. But really, you should be focused on gardening for your food at this point in the game anyway.

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