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EVE Vegas 2018: EVE Echoes, EVE Online’s mobile adaptation, is launching in 2019

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CCP has revealed some new details about the mobile port of EVE Online, including a trailer and some other details.

Those readers who have been paying attention will remember that CCP brokered a deal with NetEase for managing the development of this port, as well as the operation of Serenity, the Chinese version of EVE Online. NetEase has lent CCP use of their NeoX engine for this game, which will give the team working on the game the capability to recreate many of ships and assets from the main game in this mobile port.

EVE Echoes will feature a full-scale recreation of the EVE Online map, including thousands of star systems. It will be extremely interesting, and incredibly challenging, to recreate the experiences and gameplay elements within EVE Online in this mobile port.  EVE Echoes is quoted by CCP as an “authentic EVE Online experience for mobile devices,” and this will be pretty difficult to deliver on, but CCP will be putting in admirable effort, at least I hope so.

And considering that EVE Echoes plans to recreate much of the intrigue, corporate conflict and interpersonal drama, all while maintaining a separate universe from EVE as a whole, gives way to some really interesting potential scenarios. Given how much weird stuff EVE players get up to, it will be amazing to see what this particular group manages to do.

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You can check out a short teaser from CCP for EVE Echoes down below. EVE Echoes will release sometime in 2019 for Android and iOS.

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