How to farm in Core Keeper

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Core Keeper is a sandbox survival game that has a rather cute style, and tons of fun buried underneath the adorable exterior. The dark and dangerous biomes you’re about to explore offer tons of fun, if you can survive. That’s not a guarantee, as the cutesy environs hide tons of danger. Murderous slimes and other beasts are just the beginning. You even need to wrangle with wild NPCs and other threats. And on top of all that, you need to keep yourself fed.

As you explore, you’re sure to get hurt. That process will mean you take some damage from time to time. There’s also a hunger system that means the hungrier you are, the weaker you are. Trying to take on bosses while too hungry will slow your character down, and means they do less damage. You absolutely want a full stomach before fighting bosses, unless you plan to suffer a lot of unnecessary deaths. This means you need to learn how to cook. Cooking in Core Keeper is a basic process, easily done once you understand it. But first, you need to know where to get your ingredients from.

How to farm in Core Keeper

When you want to farm in Core Keeper, you need to have plants to grow. You can find plants growing out in the biomes, or as loot from certain enemies. The small wooden boxes seen in the various biomes have tons of loot in them, be sure to smash them to try and find seeds, as well as other useful items. The petrified slime husks in the first few areas can also have seeds in them. It’s a very good idea to grab that slime chest from the first boss, as it offers a ton of storage space. I use that in my garden room and it works great for storing seeds, food and more.

You will have to make the basic tool workbench and find the resources to make tools. It’s also required that you make the watering can and use that to water your crops. To prep the ground, you must construct a Hoe to plow the ground. Water the ground, then stick your seeds in. Go off and adventure, by the time you return, your food should be grown. You also need to make the tools using Copper. so get out there and mine. Once you’re ready to grow, you should have a steady supply of items to actually cook.

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How to farm in Core Keeper

When you first plant a seed, it will show up as a small seedling, be sure not to accidentally click the seedling yet. If you do, you will remove the seed and lose any growth. Fully grown plants make a very audible POP! sound when they finish growing, and their sprite also changes to a larger version. It’s a very clear indication of when a plant is finished, and then is the time to harvest.

There are also a few skill upgrades to keep in mind. These skill upgrades can be earned when you gain levels in the Gardening skill. Bottomless Water Can uses less water by reducing the amount of water you use per watering. Grateful Gardener increases the chance you get a seed when you harvest that fully-grown plant. Try grabbing these perks if you want to massively improve your farming output.

That’s all you need to know about how to farm in Core Keeper. Now get out there and grow!

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