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The Surge 2 shows gory action in newest trailer

The Surge 2 Combat Trailer

More fun to be had with The Surge 2 today, although the definition of fun would have to be very subjective to see how the in-universe goings-on of this nightmare world could be fun. With the launch of a new trailer, developer Deck13 continues the trend of showing off more gameplay and story for the upcoming sequel. The focus for this particular outing is all about combat, presumably one of the central pillars of the game itself.

The combat in the sequel offers more of the same viciousness and bloody action that the original game had in droves.  And much like the title of the trailer, the player must Overcome, Upgrade and Survive in order to make it through The Surge 2. Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive have crafted quite the interesting and scary mixture here, with plenty of powerful enemies to take down. The combat is fast, but not without tactical elements. Players will need to use a lot of positional advantage to overcome the problems in front of them. And navigation through the game world will also have some of this aspect as well.

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Players who manage to overcome these challenges are in for quite the reward. The gear you gain from these encounters can then be used to upgrade both your existing weapons, as well as your other abilities. And of course, the themes of the narrative ring true through the design of the setting and its characters as well, meaning that you’re in for a brutal experience. Should you fail in combat, you can use your movement skills to escape as well.

Check out the new trailer down below. The Surge 2 will release on September 24 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. So if you’re looking forward to hopping back into the dystopian madness, you better get ready.

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