Guild Wars 2 World vs. World updates previewed

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Guild Wars 2 World vs. World has been quite a popular mode. But for some players, it has been more trouble than it’s worth. The struggle to contain the threats of other factions while doing battle over resource nodes is a ton of fun for those looking for large-scale conflict. The WvW mode has had a long run, and it seems ArenaNet has some changes in mind.

With an upcoming rework to the game mode, called Alliances, a new structure will be unveiled.

Alliances Beta

The beta for Alliances will be launched later this month, and will be debuted across two phases. On September 21, a new tab for the World Restructuring feature will become available in the in-game World vs World menu. On this tab, you’ll be able to choose which of your guilds you’ll want to play with during the World Restructuring beta event. Please choose your WvW guild before 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on September 23 or you may be matchmade onto a team as an individual player.

After this first round of betas, the Alliances content will debut in-game. Alliances will allow teams of up to 500 players to join up and pool their efforts and progress for Guild Wars 2 World vs. World. This is down from the current Teams which limit players at 1,200 players per grouping. This is all meant to get players to work together on more granular tasks. Anet will bring out a new seasonal structure as part of this rollout.

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Seasons Explained

Each grouping of players will take part in seasonal ladders that last 8 weeks each. Every member of a team can contribute to the rankings, and the teams move up and down the ladder as one. Each season, you are locked into the team you choose for that season. You must wait until the next seasonal reset to change allegiances. The size limits should mean that the progress of each guild will be essentially judged on its own merits. No more of a single guild raising multiple Guilds up alongside them as part of teams.

You can choose your Alliance at the beginning of the beta. Active WvW players that have not selected a WvW guild before the start of a season will be automatically matchmade onto a team. Of course, you can also change after the beta once Alliances are fully implemented.

The team wants players to take part so a boost will be applied to the activity. A WvW bonus experience event will be active between September 21 and October 1. This bonus confers a 100% bonus to World Experience, a 25% bonus to reward-track progress, and a 50% bonus to magic find to all participants.

Source: ArenaNet

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