How to get $1 million in lifetime casino earnings in BitLife

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The My Way Challenge in BitLife is the new weekly task this week. You need to get pretty wealthy and famous to complete this challenge, so it takes work. One of the many tasks you need to complete is to get pretty good returns at the casino. You can access the casino  by going to the Activities tab and scrolling down to Casino. Go in and look at the games you can play. For this challenge, you want Blackjack. Here’s what you need to do to get $1 million in Lifetime Casino Earnings in BitLife.

How to get $1 million in lifetime casino earnings in BitLife

Before entering the Casino, it’s almost required to have a few million in the bank. As you gamble, you’re sure to lose money. You will need to have enough money to pay your bills for this to be successful. Players want to get Fame unlocked before they do this step if you can. Get some book deals and stash a few million dollars first, that will make this all so much easier. Having that cushion of wealth will make it so much easier to get $1 million in Lifetime casino earnings.

Once you have some cash on hand, it’s time to get moving. The basic idea of Blackjack as a card game is to get as close to 21 in card score without going over. There’s a whole layer of mathematics and strategy to this game, but that’s not really relevant to this challenge. You can’t count cards in BitLife, so you have to rely on RNG.

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If you go over 21, you bust and lose the round. So you kind of want to learn when to stop taking new cards, or hitting. The best time to do this is when you’re at 16 or higher. Any higher than 16 in score, and the next card is likely to bust you. The objective is to bait the dealer into trying to beat your score, and hoping they bust. Keep hitting until you get between 16 to 21, and then stand to end your turn. Then the dealer does their own run. You will lose some rounds with this approach, but you should when more often than not.

Just keep playing until you get $1 million in Lifetime casino earnings. Once you have done that, the challenge mark should turn green and you’re good to go. Now move on and finish the weekly challenge.

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