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Dead by Daylight Trailer Reveals Scream’s Ghost Face Perks, Power

Dead by Daylight Adding Ghost Face

After the incredibly bloody and cheeky teaser, fans of asymmetrical multiplayer title Dead by Daylight finally get to see the newest Killer in action. Ghost Face from the Scream films offers a rather unique twist on hunting down their quarry with their addition to the game, check it out in the trailer down below.

And as is the usual thing with these killer reveal trailers, Dead by Daylight fans get a sneak peek at the new abilities and gameplay of the new addition. He’s an incredibly stealthy character, one who can track other players without conferring any Terror radius or vision cone effects. This makes it much easier to sneak up on Survivors, but that’s just the start of this sneaky lunatic’s abilities.

Ghostface has a special stealth ability called Night Shroud which makes it much easier to sneak up on other players. The ability only lasts for as long as the Killer is out of sight of a Survivor, so use it carefully. Night Shroud also completely revamps the movement style and speed of Ghostface, making it a very unique Killer to play.

But it’s not just a handful of special new abilities that make this new Killer much more dangerous. Ghostface also has a suite of his own perks that alter the gameplay style, with each one offering their own bonuses to the player controlling the new murderer. Ghostface can use Thrilling Tremors to control the flow of the game in a very useful way. He can blocks all inactive (not being worked on) generators using the entity and highlights active generators. This gives the Killer player the chance to get a quick snapshot of what progress the other players have made while also slowing down their plans.

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Another ability, Furtive Chase, which offers a pretty big bonus for tracking down one player in particular. During the match, the killer is given one Survivor that they are supposed to chase down, and managing to hook their target further reduces the Terror radius Ghostface generates.

Dead by Daylight The Ghost Face is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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