Where to get the bow in The Last Of Us Part II

Where to get the bow in The Last Of Us Part II

The bow in The Last Of Us Part II  is just as iconic for Ellie as it was in the first game in the sequel. It’s a solid ranged weapon that offers a very stealthy option for when you need that option. Ellie often has to avoid conflict to avoid being overrun by multiple enemies. So getting the bow is a vital part of the game and how you play it.

The bow is much more useful than other stealth weapons like the crafted silencer. The bow and arrow in The Last Of Us Part II is a rather vicious weapon, and you really want it. Luckily it is very easy to get.

Spoiler warning: You cannot get the bow in The Last Of Us Part II any other way than story progress, so this guide contains spoilers. Read ahead at your own warning.

Where to get the bow in The Last Of Us Part II

You will get the bow in the chapter titled Day 2 Seattle – Hillcrest. An NPC joins up with Ellie to take on WLF enemies while trying to get to their friends and make sure everyone remains safe.

The mission is basically a rescue mission, so things need to progress a bit slowly at times as your surrounded by foes. Ellie will eventually encounter a group of humans that are hanging around with hunting dogs. These dogs can pick up your scent and pose a major problem, and the bow is the best way to do that. When you get into the nearby area, you will find a small pet shop and a few other structures.

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Start by entering the pet shop on the left side of the road and taking out the Shambler and Runner there. From there, head through the kitchen in the surrounding area and you will move through the attached restaurant to progress. This path will lead you up to higher ground, and that’s what you want.

When you get to the higher area, there will be a neighborhood filled with Runners and other enemies. Take them out and search the house on the left-hand side. There’s a small hole in the wall here, ignore it for now while you go pick up a few things. Search the kitchen, then enter that hole in the wall.

This will trigger a scripted event where you enter a grapple with an infected enemy. Do the QTEs and finish it with a quick headshot. Once killed, the bow can be found buried inside the body of the infected. This will also unlock the recipe for crafting arrows.

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