Where To Get Flint In Valheim


A number of players have been asking a lot of questions related to Valheim, and we’re here to answers some of them. Some quests are pretty easy to answer, some are a bit harder. Valheim is procedurally generated, meaning that where you find certain items won’t be the same for everyone. Generally, though, each biome follows set rules. So when you’re hunting for certain items, you might need to know the general area to look in. One item players are hunting for is flint. Use this guide to find all the Flint In Valheim you could ever want.

You can craft a variety of flint weapons, which are OK in terms of durability. Flint is a small, shiny rock that’s very common. So while you’re looking for a stop-gap between other more advanced tools, you can use Flint. Here’s how to find it.

Places to get Flint In Valheim

There are a few places you can find Flint In Valheim, and they’re very easy to find. Look near any body of water for a start. You can find Flint near any body of water, it just takes a bit of luck. Check along any rivers, lakes or streams that you come across for the small white stones. Stick to the shores though, as it won’t be found in deeper water. Check the shallow pools first, then move to deeper water. It seems to spawn in any Biome, although it was most common in Meadows.

Places to get Flint In Valheim

Once you’re done with that, you could go grab some other material like birch to make more advanced tools. You will also want to upgrade your workbench to be able to unlock the new recipes you need to progress. Be sure to drop a Portal nearby your home if there isn’t one, as you will need to come back here for crafting regularly.

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