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Star Citizen Q&A Details the Cyclone Concept Vehicle


Earlier this month we detailed a new update from CIG about Star Citizen 3.0. Within that update were the first details of the new ground vehicle being added to the game, the Tumbril Cyclone. Cloud Imperium Games have since released a new Q&A on the vehicle.

We already know that the basic model will be modified into different variants, the most expensive of which will cost $70. But not content to just wait for players to throw money at them, CIG have revealed some specifications and functions of this new rover. We now know that the Cyclone is smaller than an Ursa Rover but larger than a Dragonfly or Nox. CIG plan to allow modular design that would allow any modules fitted to an Ursa to be compatible with the Cyclone. Currently, the base version of the Cyclone is set to carry 1 SCU of cargo. The vehicle will also feature jump jets and shielding that will increase maneuverability and defense respectively.

The Q&A also covers cargo expansions, future plans for weapons and how CIG feel about certain design issues players have brought up. CIG also announced that the cyclone will NOT launch with 3.0, but in a future patch, no further details are known at this time.

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