How to join the Mean Girls clique in BitLife

Complete the Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife

The new Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife has a lot of requirements in it. The mobile life sim has a ton of complexity already, but this latest one may take the crown for the strangest challenge yet. Sure, you got to be Batman and all that, but channeling Lindsay Lohan is a strange choice. The new challenge has a few requirements, with one of the early problems being joining the Mean Girls Clique in BitLife. Here’s how you can do that.

How to join the Mean Girls clique in BitLife

So the first step here is to get into the right mindset and understand what you need to do. Getting into the clique is all about mean-spirited popularity. Start by making a female character, then you’re ready to get started. The core goal here is to be as popular and as nasty as possible, basically, you’re giving in to all the terrible impulses and gendered stereotypes placed on young girls. Be as catty as possible.

When you’re trying to get into the clique, you need to pay attention to your popularity. Check the School tab when you’re attending elementary, middle school, and high school. There will be a small notice there that displays how popular you are. You need to get this value as high as possible and keep it there.

You can do this in a few different ways, most players find it easier by focusing on extra-curricular activities. Join any sports teams and that should help a bit. This does mean you need to have decent Body and Mind stats, so keep those studies and physical activities up. You will want to focus on the physical stats, as having high physical stats can increase your popularity as well—mostly as you’re also able to charm your way into the cheerleading team if you’re pretty. In other words, focus on getting into as many clubs as possible while having good Health and Looks stats.

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Get your way into the 80% popularity rating or higher. That seems to be the threshold for getting into the Mean Girls clique. And you need to keep this going through your time of trying to complete the new challenge this week. In elementary school you won’t need to worry about this though, so focus on raising the aforementioned stats.

When you get into Middle School, that’s the time to focus on clubs and the game of gossip. Make heavy use of the Relationships tab, there you will notice a listing for Cliques once you have a joined this grade level. You will have various options, once you have the right stats and popularity, choose the Mean Girls clique. Now you can just focus on the other elements of the new challenge this week.

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