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Star Citizen releases updates on AI, mining and more

Star Citizen Alpha

After the recent Around the Verse video detailing the new Anvil Vulcan, CIG have been hard at work on other aspects of Star Citizen as well.

Two new videos showing more behind-the-scenes work have been released this week. The first is a “Reverse the Verse” segment detailing ongoing work on the AI systems for the game; the other video is a “Bugsmashers” update focusing on the tools and techniques the Star Citizen team uses to debug animation objects and other entities within the game. The little sneak peek of the Origin 600i is cool too.

The Bugsmashers update in particular is an interesting peek into the mentality that drives the debug and polishing process of Star Citizen. The AI innovation CIG is working is also a spectacular thing to watch and learn about. The sheer amount of work that hundreds of employees are putting into everything from mining to stamina systems are a wonder to behold from both a fan and technical perspective.

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