How to complete the Next Top Model Challenge in BitLife

With the end of a week, comes a glorious weekend. And for gamers, that means time to invest in the hobby. Some developers also like to run events during this time, and that holds true for BitLife developer, CandyWriter. Players have jumped into the game and been greeted with a new challenge. For the next few days, you can claim a special cosmetic in-game by finishing the challenge. Keep reading to figure out what’s happening this week.

This week is the Next Top Model Challenge in BitLife. You get to become a truly iconic runway model and then take on the life of the rich and famous. Here are the steps you need to complete.

How to complete the Next Top Model Challenge in BitLife

This week’s new Challenge in BitLife is the Challenge in BitLife, here are the steps you need to do for this challenge’s tasks.

Make a female character and max out their Looks stat at the start. If you have God Mode, that’s much easier. From there, get the High School and then use the School menu to check for the Cliques. You need to be fairly popular to get this done, so make tons of friends out of your classmates. You could also join a team like the Cheerleading squad to help you out.

When you’re trying to get into the clique, you need to pay attention to your popularity. Check the School tab when you’re attending elementary, middle school, and high school. There will be a small notice there that displays how popular you are. You need to get this value as high as possible and keep it there. Once you’re nice and popular, go into the Clique menu and try to join the Mean Girls one. Get your way into the 80% popularity rating or higher. That seems to be the threshold for getting into the Mean Girls clique.

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You are specifically looking for the foot model job. It is semi-rare, but should show up fairly often. If you don’t get it, keep restarting the app or aging up to get the job. Once you get it, you’re golden and can move towards building fame. Once you get the job, use the Work Harder option for a few years to get promoted to a runway model over the next few years. Once you get enough Fame, you’re basically done. You will have to spend some time on this, but you should get a Fame menu when it happens. Now, you just need to build your fame with doing interviews and the like via the Fame menu.

Once you’ve built up your Fame, you can slowly start to knock off the last two tasks. You can click the Fame button on the main menu, then choose the option for photoshoot and Write a Book. You need to write an autobiography for one thing, and then pose for a nude photoshoot. The nude photo is a random event, so you just need to get lucky and keep trying. If you don’t get the event the first time, age up and try again.

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