How to become a brain surgeon in BitLife

How to complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife

The new weekly challenge is live right now in BitLife. The big goal with this challenge is to be smart and very pretty. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, as long as you keep your stats up. Take good care of yourself and you can complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife. One of the steps is pretty involved, and means you need to become a brain surgeon in BitLife. Here’s what to do.

How to become a brain surgeon in BitLife

While your character can get a leg up and speed up the process by getting good stats at the start, it’s not too important. Keep going to the library and reading when you unlock the options as a child. Having good Looks and Smarts will be vital for later. You need to get good grades in early school ahead of college. And having a good athletic career can help. Not only can you get a scholarship for medical school with this, you could also help keep those stats up.

Get through University for a Biology degree, then choose the option to continue your education via the Occupation menu. Just keep your nose to the grindstone and keep studying.

Once you graduate from University, it is time to move on to that final phase of education. You need to go into Medical School from Seek Higher Education in the menus for the Brain Surgeon job to show up. Get your way through the more difficult medical school while studying hard. Once you graduate, you should be able to check the Occupation tab for the correct job. If it doesn’t show up after graduating, restart the app and try again.

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While you’re in medical school, you can probably try to find the foot model job via the Occupation menu. You don’t need to hold down both jobs the entire time, just get the model gig while you’re in training to be a brain surgeon.

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