Valheim Stagbreaker guide: How to make this sledgehammer


The Stagbreaker is one of the more devastating melee weapons in Valheim. The game has tons of weapons like this. This massive hammer is pretty easy to make, and has a devastatingly powerful attack. Slamming this thing down will give you a nice concussive boom that owns pretty much anything it touches. Here’s how to get the Stagbreaker in Valheim and where to look for the resources you need.

How to get the recipe for Stagbreaker

When you’re out in the Meadows starting out in Valheim, you can gain certain recipes just by playing the game. As you gather resources and unlock new recipes, you will get plenty of new items to make. Just gathering your first pieces of core wood will give you the recipe for the Stagbreaker:

  • 20 core wood
  • 5 deer trophies
  • 2 leather scraps

The Core Wood can be gathered from Pine and Fir trees, with any single axe. Just go out and hit some trees to gather items that you need. You will need to find the tree types in the Black Forest. But, this is not true for the other items. You will need to head to other biomes for the wood and other items. These can be found in the Meadows, as can other materials. You need to hunt the Boars for Leather Scraps. Go hunting and get some leather scraps going into your pack.

You can also hunt deer for this too. You will need to hunt deer for the 5 deer trophies, so maybe focus on those first.

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How to craft the Stagbreaker

Traverl back to your homestead and you’re ready to craft once you have the resources.

Be sure to drop a Portal nearby your home if there isn’t one, as you will need to come back here for crafting regularly. Make sure to bring back advanced materials to upgrade your Workbench as well, this will allow you to get better weapons. You will need to upgrade your Workbench to Level 2 to get the Stagbreaker crafted, and that means making a Chopping Block.

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