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FIFA 22 FUT - Make Coins

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has finally started and each new year of FIFA brings about a new season of the popular game mode. In this guide, we’re going to look at how players can make the most of the new season. There are a few ways to get ahead at the beginning of each new FIFA Ultimate Team year.

With the new ICON players jumping into the roster, there’s a bunch of new tricks to learn. And while some players feel that the proliferation of live services into the franchise has been a detriment, the FUT mode is wildly popular.Here’s a look at a few of the best things to get started in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Advanced SBCs

Advanced SBCs are without doubt the best way to get started in Ultimate Team. These SBCs are designed to show players the ropes when it comes to doing SBCs and the rewards can be huge. The Advanced SBCS you should be looking at are Hybrid Leagues, Hybrid Nations and League and Nation hybrid. Each of these advanced SBCs give generous tradeable packs that will get players off to a great start in the game. The best part is that they are incredibly cheap to do at this point in the game. As soon as you have enough coins to start building these SBC squads, get them done!

Milestone Objectives

Objectives are a great way to flesh out your club with untradeable players. Most of the milestone objectives can be done in just a few hours with the right teams and in the right game modes. This year, winning 15 games with a Bronze squad will get you a Rare Player Pack, plus the packs for the individual objectives. If you combine doing that objective with scoring 100 finesse goals you can get another Rare Players Pack. Doing the milestone objectives quickly can give you players for SBCs and, if you’re lucky, maybe even a first-team player or two.

Making Coins

Once you have done the advanced SBCs and you have a decent amount of untradeable players you should have enough coins to start building your team. However, don’t put all of your coins into your team right away. Save a good chunk of your coins for investing and buying/selling players. At the beginning of the game, almost every high-rated card that isn’t meta is cheap. 83 rated cards regularly sell for around 1000 coins, 85s can be under 3000 coins. As soon as high-rated SBCs come out these cards will skyrocket in value. Buy up as many of these high-rated, low-priced cards as you can and hold onto them until SBCs start releasing. It shouldn’t take long as the first Player of the Month SBCs should start boosting the price of these cards and they come along early in the game. On a day-to-day basis, scoping out players that you know sell high as Buy it Now auctions and bidding on the low-priced ones is a great way to make quick coins. Just make sure to consider the 5% selling tax when doing your selling price calculations. Finally, don’t forget to open the new preview packs every day! The new preview packs allow players to open a Premium Gold Pack and Premium Silver Pack every 24 hours. Preview packs allow players to see what cards are in a pack before deciding whether or not to purchase it. Preview packs give you a free shot at getting a high-rated player and free coins.

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Get the Web App

The last thing you need to get started in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is the web app. The web app is available via browsers on PC, tablets, and phones as well as an actual app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android. The web app is one of the best ways to keep track of your transfers, open preview packs, and do SBCs. Used correctly, the web app should be the place where you make most of your coins.

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