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Elite: Dangerous CQC PC beta planned “within the next couple of weeks”


Frontier have pushed out the newest update newsletter for Elite: Dangerous. Though the Close Quarter Combat (CQC) mode is the main event in 1.4, as with any major update there will be a number of other changes and fixes to the main Elite: Dangerous game.

Included in the release will be various network and graphical optimizations to the base game. As well as some stability tweaks to streamline the overall gameplay experience. One of the more curious elements in the 1.4 update lies in details on the Oculus SDK. Players are advised to use the 0.5 SDK, as Elite will not work with the upcoming 0.7 SDK. This suggests that Frontier did not have sufficient access to said new SDK to optimize the game within it.

Game-wise, there’ll be a fix for fighters sometimes not spawning from an NPC capital ship, and some causes of “unnecessary NPC chatter” have been figured out. That’s in conjunction with a greater variation in overall NPC chatter, and the ability for NPCs to interdict other NPCs while in supercruise.

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