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Resident Evil 3 remake rumored for 2020 release


So with all the suspicions surrounding the Resident Evil franchise, there has been one recurring rumor. The Resident Evil 3 remake is of course what I’m talking about. Fans have been pining for such a remake for years, but there’s been curiously little news about such a project. Now, a new speculative leak has alleged that the project could be released in 2020.

News of the potential remake comes courtesy of YouTube channel Spawn Wave. The channel had previously predicted Elden Ring, also calling the involvement of legendary author George R. R. Martin. The call hasn’t been debunked by Capcom yet, so fans are now very hopeful. The idea is that Capcom will follow a simple path to previous remakes, by porting Resident Evil 3 onto the RE Engine.

The RE Engine is a great game engine, and it’s very likely that the Resident Evil 3 remake would borrow assets from the Resident Evil 2 remake to build the game a bit quicker. Capcom has not announced that they’re working on the game, although it has long been suspected to be in production.

And based on the stunning return to Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2, the continuation of the story of Jill Valentine is something many fans want. Resident Evil 3 was initially released in 1999 for the PlayStation, later making its way over to the Dreamcast, GameCube, and Windows. It released digitally on PSN in 2009, but the whole thing has dodged any real remake. And it has yet to come to the PC. Nothing has been confirmed so far, but fans are very hopeful.

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I know I really just want to see that intro from the original game being remade in full HD. The RE Engine is a beautiful thing, and it would really make Resident Evil 3 remake shine.

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