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Dirt 5 shows off new tracks in gameplay trailer

Dirt 5 Italy Circuit Trailer

Dirt 5 is the newest game in the franchise, and it’s getting much more than a fresh coat of paint. The release is coming soon, and developer Codemasters continues to deliver first looks at various tracks and gameplay features. The biggest new feature is that Rally Cross will be in the game, finally. Dirt 5 is the first game in the franchise to see the mixture in place. That means road driving and muddy rally driving are mixed into circuit races that are right at home on Top Gear.

By including more and more weather effects as well, the tracks really feel more immersive. You really get to hear the clunks as the cars ram into each other. And you feel the bounces as you round bumpy corners and top crests. Codemasters could be looking to craft the ideal WRC experience. And yes, the game will have cooperation with WRC formalized, so all the real-world content they can cram in will be there. Rally Cross in Dirt 5 contains FIA World Rallycross licensed vehicles, meaning that those fans of the sport have something else to enjoy with the new title.

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As for other game modes, there are nine main race types, with a total of 130 events on various tracks between them.

Dirt 5 launches November 6 on PC via Steam, with a Google Stadia version releasing in early 2021. Check out the trailer below.

Not to be content with showing off just Italy, some point-to-point racing was also shown this month. China was the focus that time. Check out the China trailer down below.

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