How To Open Vestige Bank Vault Safe in Borderlands 3

How To Open Vestige Bank Vault Safe In Borderlands 3

The Vestige Bank Vault Safe in Borderlands 3 is a special reward added in the new Bounty of Blood DLC. When you go into Vestige you will notice that there is a massive bank vault in the back. The gate leading to the vault is locked with big heavy doors, and there’s no obvious way inside. The story opens up with the player in the Vestige, encountering basically a ghost town. The shops are all closed and many of the people have skipped town. Through the course of the story, you will learn why.

The town also contains that mysterious vault. Here’s how to unlock the vault and claim all of the loot inside.

How To Open Vestige Bank Vault Safe in v

You will explore the town of Vestige throughout the story, and you will want to do that. Completing the story is how you unlock plenty of powerful weapons, meet some new friends, and learn some interesting secrets. On the various adventures, the path to the vault though is left pretty unclear. All the player will find throughout the story is an increasing level of security around said vault.

It will take time, but you will want to complete the story of the Bounty of Blood DLC. From there, once you return to town, talk to everyone. You will eventually be given a key to the vault.

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Now don’t worry if you don’t have access to the DLC, the vault isn’t going away. Even if you don’t have a character the game will allow you to create a level 15 character and immediately jump into the DLC content. It will take some time, but when you complete the DLC you should unlock the key to the vault.

Take that key back to the vault door and it should unlock the treasures inside the Vestige Bank.

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