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Drone Swarm unleashes upon the RTS genre this week

Drone Swarm trailer

Far into the future of 2111 the Earth has been invaded by a new alien race. The much more advanced civilization has all but destroyed the last of humanity. The human powers that be unleashed a fountain of nuclear weapons on the aliens, to no effect. And now the only thing standing in their way is a psionic army of drones. You take command of that army in Drone Swarm, a new RTS title.

The story is pretty wild, as it involves a mass sacrifice of 32,000 humans as they merge their psychic souls with a nameless and faceless horde of robotic drones. The player must command this swarm in combat against the encroaching alien menace. The player is the last hope of the human race, can they and their 32,000 souls prevail? and if you don’t can you find and defend a new home for humanity?

Check out the story trailer for Drone Swarm down below, if you want to know more.

The story and setting definitely evoke the cheesy 90s Sci-Fi feel for fans of that kind of thing. Players get access to all kinds of technological and magical abilities to wage war with. The swam of psychic energy even has a few surprises up its collective sleeve.

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And that 32,000 figure is important because it represents the number of units you can field. The game is actually simulating them all as well, operating them on an individual level. If your interest has been piqued, there is a free demo for you to test with Drone Swarm on Steam now.

Drone Swarm will launch on October 20 at $25 USD on Steam. The deluxe edition of the game will include some unique bonuses, and is currently on sale.

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