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How to do Sorties in Warframe

When does Nightwave Intermission II end in Warframe?

Sorties in Warframe are a unique and randomly generated set of missions that add increased difficulty, and of course reward, by adding new modifiers to the mission in its entirety. Each day, a set of three of these powerful missions is generated for the player to take on. You can earn increased and often unique rewards from competing a Sortie, but keep in mind that it can only be completed once for said reward. Any further completions of Sorties in Warframe beyond that initial run will no earn a new reward.

To access these missions, you must first progress through the story and complete the War Within quest via the codex. Sorties can be found on the Alerts tab within the Star Chart. Each Sortie will have a mission type and a unique condition. Be sure to read these conditions carefully as they can be dangerous for certain builds.

The three missions generated each day will scale up in terms of difficulty, so be aware of that too. Check below for some of the details about what kind of mods to expect as well. You will see units with more armor or shields, enemies dealing more of a certain kind of damage, or even Eximus units. These are very dangerous but extremely rewarding missions, as they not only reward a sum total of 100,000 Credits, but a variety of different Blueprints and other useful items.

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Ayatan Sculptures and large stacks of Endo and Kuva are fairly easy to obtain. Exilus Adapter, Resource Boosters, and Forma are some of the rarer drops. You can even gain Orokin Catalyst and Reactor blueprints for upgrading Frames and weapons.

Check the table below for some of the common Sortie modifiers in the game.

Augmented Enemy Shields Enemies have improved shields.
Augmented Enemy Armor Enemies have improved armor.
Cryogenic Leakage The maximum Warframe shield capacity is halved.
Dense Fog Limited visibility.
Electromagnetic Anomalies Gravity is reduced and  Magnetic clouds will cover areas of the map.
Enemy Physical Enhancement Enemies will deal additional physical damage and have increased resistance to physical damage.
Enemy Elemental Enhancement Enemies will deal additional elemental damage and have increased resistance to elemental damage.
Energy Reduction Maximum Warframe Energy capacity is quartered, and energy regeneration speed is reduced.
Eximus Stronghold Eximus units spawn much more often.
Extreme Cold Mobility is significantly impaired.
Fire The maximum Warframe Health amount is halved, and the recovery rate is reduced.
Low Gravity Gravity is significantly reduced.
Radiation Hazard Any physical damage received will also impart  Radiation effects.
Assault Rifle Only Only Assault Rifles can be used.
Melee Only Only Melee weapons can be used.
Secondary Only Only Secondary weapons can be used.
Shotgun Only Only Primary Shotguns can be used.
Sniper Only Only Sniper Rifles can be used.
Bow Only Only Primary Bows can be used.
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