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The Wolf Among Us 2 is happening

The Wolf Among Us 2

The fall of Telltale Games has been well-documented by this point. The once thriving creator of adventure titles found their stride with The Walking Dead, earning plenty of acclaim. Their later efforts, despite involving more grandiose properties like Game of Thrones, the studio struggled financially. Their later games sold too poorly, despite improving quality, to keep the company afloat. Reasons for the failure are many, with fans often pointing to tiring of the characteristic Telltale formula. Gamers and critics also pointed out consistent issues with bugs as a major critique.

So when the sudden and explosive closure of a beloved studio happened last year, a lot of people were shocked. This closure left the employees out of work and most of their ongoing and previous franchises considered dead. And since many of the games disappeared from Steam, many assumed they were dead and gone. That sad story changed, at least a little, when LCG Entertainment and Athlon Games announced they were putting in effort to bring back some lost Telltale properties. The company onboarded some talent from the company, and began negotiating to bring some of the games back too.

One of these properties, based on the surprise announcement during The Game Awards this week, is the Grim fairy tales take, The Wolf Among Us. The new game follows the storyline of the first game, picking up the story of Bigby that was left handing by the studio closure.

Some of the original voice talent will also be returning. The original actors Adam Harrington and Erin Yvetter are back to reprise their roles. The two played Bigby and Snow, respectively.

However, according to GameInformer, some of old crew from the first game are involved. This includes directors Dennis Lenart and Nick Herman, as well as writer Pierre Shorette. These team members will join the partnership that’s being made to support the new project. According to Venture Beat, Telltale is partnering up with AdHoc Studio to complete development on the sequel.

“When the opportunity came up, it was an easy decision for us,” said Pierre Shorette, chief creative officer of AdHoc Studio via Venture Beat. “Developing The Wolf Among Us was my first project at Telltale and the start of a creative partnership with Nick and Dennis, so obviously we’re excited to further explore the Fables universe.”

There’s no release window for The Wolf Among Us 2 just yet. The Wolf Among Us 2 will launch on PC via The Epic Games Store.

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