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All Roblox Falling Color Block Codes (June 2022)

All Roblox Falling Color Block Codes

Falling Color Block is one of these very simple games that incredibly compelling. It’s a very basic game where a group of players fall between various colored platforms as those platforms waste away. The last one left standing on a block wins. The process becomes a mad dash for survival as more and more players cram into tighter spaces, even trying to knock other players off. You can’t get a competitive edge with these Falling Color Block codes, but you can at least look really cool instead.

The codes have been tested with the most recent version of the game, but sometimes we mess up. If a code doesn’t work, let us know in the comments. We will remove and invalid codes and place them in the proper list.

These codes are different from normal Roblox promo codes, so you will need to pay attention to how you redeem them. Each game may have its own process for redemption, which you need to follow. Check down below for the process to claim your codes. You should also check back at our massive list of Roblox Game Codes for more awesome codes for other titles.

New codes for this Roblox puzzle game are released on the social media channels for the game as it gets more likes on the platform. Join the Roblox Group for the title to get them ASAP.

Make sure to input the codes exactly as they are typed to get the rewards. If you don’t type them properly, you might not get the reward. Since this game is all about clothing and looking swag, you’re going to get clothing items from these codes, here’s what you can get for each code.

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Falling Color Block Codes (Valid)

These Falling Color Block codes are active and can be used for their rewards:

  • helloguys: Redeem code for new color and customization options
  • toogreat: Redeem code for new color and customization options
  • coloring: Redeem code for new color and customization options
  • fallblock: Redeem code for new color and customization options

Falling Color Block Codes (Invalid)

These Falling Color Block codes have expired and will no longer grant rewards:

  • No invalid codes found

How to Redeem These Codes

Here’s how to get free items by redeeming promo codes in Falling Color Block. Along the right-hand side of the in-game UI, you will see a Facebook like icon, beneath that is a small “?” icon. Click that Like Button and a code entry box will pop up. input the codes into the “Input Code” box and confirm them. When properly entered, you should have the item in your game.

There, you’re all done and set to enjoy the game!

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