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Project Scarlett now called Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

The Game Awards are blasting out gaming news at a lighting-fast rate. We’ve seen a new FF7 Remake trailer, and some news about some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC. What we didn’t expect to see though was more news about the Xbox from Microsoft. The gaming giant has come out swinging against rival Sony, revealing their next-gen console to the public fully for the first time. Say hello to the Xbox Series X.

The new Xbox Series X will have to compete with the PS5, which is allegedly the more powerful console. Although without a spec sheet on the new Xbox Series X, it’s hard to say for sure who is right about that. That 3.2Ghz PS5 CPU certainly does seem powerful. We still don’t know much about the new Xbox though. Who knows, maybe xCloud will help Microsoft offer a better and more accessible games library compared to the PS5.

Microsoft previously revealed that they were revising earlier plans to reduce SKU offerings in 2020. The company is developing a cheaper and somewhat weaker Xbox as well, hence the Series part of the new naming scheme. Although some developers are apparently a little annoyed by the shift in strategy, saying that the prospect of multiple SKUs is difficult, to put it nicely.

Game retailers are also anxious to hear more about this console, as some are blaming bearish customers for sales slumps.

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The Xbox Series X will be launching Holiday 2020.

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