How to get a Best Friend in BitLife

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The anniversary of mobile life sim BitLife is here, and the mobile app has a new weekly challenge to celebrate. The new challenge will bring out a new set of tasks to complete. There are a lot of different tasks to do this week, and it’s a bit bizarre, but still tons of fun.  BitLife has a brand new challenge for players to complete called the BitLife Birthday Challenge, and it’s a weird one.

Part of the tasks this week involves getting a best friend in BitLife. This is a random event that can happen with high Relationship meters. Keep spending time with your friends, making sure to take some friends on special adventures via the Relationships tab, and you will eventually get the event.

There are few ways you can help make the event happen faster. you need to have friends first. Focus on talking to coworkers and other students throughout your life, eventually, some of them will want to be friendly with you. The goal is to max out the relationship meter for as many people as possible. If you don’t have a lot of money to buy gifts and give out cash, your only option is to spend time with these friends.

In the Relationships tab, choose the option to “Spend Time With” at the bottom of the page. This will trigger random events with all the people in your relationships tab and fill their meters a bit.  You can also click on each one and get a bit more detailed with events by doing things like going to clubs or the movies.

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If you have a good job and a ton of money, you can gift your new friends with bunches of cash. Handing out thousands of dollars seems to help people enjoy your digital company.

Whatever option you choose, it’s time to get closer and make life-long friends. Like I said, the event is random, so you just have to work on those relationships. Once you have a 100% full meter, these people will eventually ask to be your best friends. From there, you can move on with the BitLife Birthday Challenge in BitLife.

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