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Killzone’s official website has been shut down

The main Killzone website is down as the future grows cloudy

Sony has retired Killzone’s official website after years without news of the shooter franchise. As spotted by Video Games Chronicle, visting the official website will lead to a dead page. It appears that the franchise could be shelved. Or possibly, and this is the hope of faithful fans, a rebirth is coming soon.

At one time, the Killzone franchise was much more notable. The game became an icon of the PS2 era when it launched. The gritty and realistic shooter contrasted well with a gripping story. The shooter featured incredibly crisp gunplay and made it a shining example of what the hardware was capable of. The original Killzone was a high watermark for shooters of the era.

Enter the PS3 era, where a rather intriguing CGI trailer was released for a sequel. More than a decade ago, Killzone 2 hit shelves. That now-infamous E3 2005 trailer set a very high bar for what the PS3 was capable of, but that didn’t bear fruit for Sony, sadly meaning the sequel was hit with a lot of criticism for not living up to marketing. Such a lesson that’s been increasingly prescient in modern times as well.

Later games like Killzone Shadowfall did try to revive the franchise, but we haven’t heard much from the game since then, For context, Guerrilla Games put that out on the PS4 in 2013. So if luck for fans would hold true, there may be a PS5 game on the way. But it doesn’t look likely now. The website going down is a pretty ill omen. There being no news about why this happened is pretty concerning, if there are any hopefuls out there waiting for a fifth game in the series.

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as of now, the website states, “The official website for the Killzone franchise has retired. Going forward, visitors to will be directed to”.

There has been no official announcement of plans for a new game yet. And there has been no action on the remaining servers for multiplayer modes, stats or ranking data for Killzone Shadow Fall. There is one downside though, as the loss of the website means the clans feature for that game is gone. That was previously linked to the main website, and as of now, there’s no way to create or manage clans in the PS4 title.

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