MHW Monkey Business Event Quest – Goldspring Macaque Armor

How to Get VIP Sizzling Spice Tickets in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

With all of the different events added to Monster Hunter World Iceborne over the months since launch, it’s easy to get lost in the myriad options. The newest event in the game, the Sizzling Spice Festival, there’s now even more to do. With the Goldspring Macaque Armor, you can finally live out your hunter fantasy of looking like a giant monkey. So how do you get this new layered armor?

The biggest part of the new quest involves farming the new Goldspring Ticket from the Monkey Business Event Quest. To complete this quest, you need to bring Rajang parts and Goldspring Tickets that you get from taking on the event quest. You will be fighting Furious Rajang, so use your hunter encyclopedia to take notes about how to fight this beast. The event quest is open once you hit Master Rank 24, so get to that rank first.

You will need to take on some rather tough foes to unlock this layered armor set. Here are the materials needed at the Smith to craft the Goldspring Macaque Armor:

  • Goldspring Ticket x3
  • Rajang Apoplexy x4
  • Ghoulish Gold Gorer x2
  • Rajang Heart x1
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Yes, you will need to take on Rajang to get those components, so this task is very much meant for more experienced MR players. If you cannot reliably take down Rajang, get some better gear and come back. The Sizzling Spice Festival runs until August 2, so you have some time to prepare. Furious Rajang is often easier for some players, as his more aggressive attack pattern can be easier to predict once you’re familiar with it. You will definitely need Thunder and Stun Resistance maxed out and a Thunderproof Mantle to use when you need it.

And just like the farming process for SIzzling Spice VIP tickets, you can bring some armor pieces from the Passion Armor Set. This will help increase the drop chance of some tickets, and it seems to impact the Goldspring Ticket drop too.

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