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Cooking Simulator will let you live out your Kitchen Nightmares fantasies

Cooking Simulator Announced

Following in the footsteps of games like PC Building Simulator, there’s another game that aims to teach gamers a vital life skill. And this time around you’re going to learn how to cook with Cooking Simulator. I mean what else could gamers need in terms of skills other cooking and building PCs?

Cooking Simulator will take you on a journey through realistic looking kitchens as you learn to cook 60 different dishes and recipes using dozens of ingredients. There are more than 100 food items to work with across the different recipes, it’s pretty cool. Cooking Simulator will start you on the path to culinary greatness when it releases next year.

In terms of gameplay variety, there’s actually a fair bit of meat to the bones of Cooking Simulator. Players will have total control over their menu in the sandbox mode, with creative freedom to craft their dream menu out of top-quality components and foodstuffs. The game even turns the weird dial up to 11 with a mode that takes place in zero-gravity. The more realistic gameplay modes include a cooking school that will teach players cooking skills and menu planning using both realistic physics and a realistic representation of cooking utensils and machines. So if you’ve ever wanted to fool around with a waffle maker or pasta machine digitally, this is your chance.

On top of realistic physics, the game will be a single-player experience with the three game modes I’ve mentioned and will be available in six different languages.

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Cooking Simulator is planned to launch on PC in early 2019. Check out the trailer for the game down below.

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